Get your shoes on. Get your drink on.

Take a shot of North Chicago history.  


On an engaging North Chicago Tour, you will enjoy the company of others while pulling back the curtain of time to learn the history of popular addresses. Was this bar the hangout of a Prohibition Era gangster? Did this shop host a daring robbery or celebrity client? What ghosts haunt this busy corner? Familiar sites take on new meaning after a North Chicago Tour. 
We believe learning and entertainment should be communal and sensory. As guests share stories you will feel their personal connections to the neighborhood. You will see vintage photographs, hear the words of past Northsiders, and taste historical cocktails or snacks. We will point out the fringes of architectural history that time has obscured but not entirely hidden.
At the end of a North Chicago Tour, you will feel more connected to the neighborhood, more aware of its history and culture, and more excited about exploring Chicago’s northern neighborhoods.


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